Mount Lassen Volcanic National Park

During our family reunion at Lake Almanor, a group of the cousins made a trip out to nearby Lassen National Park.  The funny thing is, it wasn’t even my idea!  Well, I personally planned on making a trip, but it was not me who broached the subject.  It was fun to have a big group with me to hike, and flattering to be seen as a “expert” of sorts, but was not really that photogenic at first.  Of the hikes we did as a group, I was only able to get a handful of pictures that I put in the “keepers” folder.  As fate would have it, most of my favorite came on my solo excursions later in the day when everyone else had gone back to the cabins.  They pretended to be happy for my when I came back and uploaded the places they’d missed, but I’m pretty sure there excitement on my behalf did not match the desire to have seen it themselves.