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Adam Marland

At 25-years old, I realized that a career-first life of making money only to party most of it away on the weekends and save the rest for a “someday” was really only fast-tracking me for an unfulfilling life of mediocrity.  

All our lives, we are taught to spend our youth planning for our retirement.  One day, literally, I realized just how backwards that path truly was and decided to make a different exchange.  Swapping a career path for hiking trails, I decided I would rather be rich with experience than money.  Knowing less about what I wanted in life and more about what I didn’t, I sold everything I considered luxuries and purchased an old, used station wagon that would become my home for the next 6 months.

That was over 7 years ago, but I prefer to count my time in memories.  In my mind, that was 50 states, dozens of countries, and 20+ bucket list knock-offs ago.  It was thousands of sleep-deprived journal scrawlings, hundreds of thousands of photos, and perhaps one too many drinks ago.  It was at least one lifetime ago.

Though you are seeing some of my photos proudly displayed, I never set out to become a photographer.  The thrill of travel is what has driven me all these years, and the need to share these inspiring moments with whomever takes an interest is what sparked the passion for photography that you now see on display.  These are the trophies, souvenirs, and mementos of my addiction.  My intention was never to make my living selling photos, only to preserve these cherished memories and to share them with the world.  With that said, I have learned that there is nothing more gratifying than earning a living from the thing that gives you life.  

I want to say a sincere “THANK YOU” to anyone who has taken the time to read this and to peruse my work.  Just by doing so, you have become in some way involved with this journey; a journey that would end all too soon without support from friends, family, and strangers alike.  I hope you enjoy what you see and welcome conversation from anyone interested in reaching out.  Regardless of the topic, I love meeting those of you who have taken an interest in my journey.  It is because of you that WE Own the Moment.